Realms of MVK

MyVirtualKingdom – 3 Kingdoms, 12 Realms, My Town and more. The Kingdom is a vast place! Explore each of these uniquely-themed Realms that call MVK their home.

MyTownPostcard_wikiMy Town
The quintessential small town, My Town has it all – Town
Hall, wooded park, barbershop, post office and more!
Sadie’s Kingdom Realms: Sam’s Kingdom Realms
MidwayRealmPostcard_wikiMidway Realm
Mini Games, fun rides and plenty of other interactive entertainment to keep you busy at the pier!
AdventureRealmPostcard_wikiAdventure Realm
Travel the globe, exploring jungles, mountains, savannah, the outback, lost civilizations and more!
SadiesCourtyardRealmPostcard_wikiSadie’s Courtyard Realm
A medieval castle, relaxing gardens, maze-filled Mini Game, Believe in Your Dreams store and more!
MusicRealmPostcard_wikiMusic Realm
This Realm lets you join a rock band, orchestra and even record music in a recording studio Mini Game!
TheMoviesRealmPostcard_wikiThe Movies Realm
Step into the movie stages and explore each scene! Visit The Palace Theater to see the latest movie screens!
SamsCourtyardRealmPostcard_wikiSam’s Courtyard Realm
A medieval castle, dragon, archery tournament Mini Game and a wizard that needs your help!
TropicalRealmPostcard_wikiTropical Realm
Set sail aboard a pirate ship or challenge a friend in a Mini Game in this sandy Realm. Come explore!
SportsRealmPostcard_wikiSports Realm
Baseball, basketball, football and racing. This Realm has venues that open for each sports season!
WorldRealmPostcard_wikiWorld Realm
Travel the globe and visit far off places including London, Paris, Venice and Cairo!
TomorrowRealmPostcard_wikiTomorrow Realm
Explore the future in this outer space Realm. Collect space debris in the Mini Game found here!
YesteryearRealmPostcard_wikiYesteryear Realm
Featuring The Century Hotel with decade-themed floors, this Realm celebrates the past and historic moments!
WesternRealmPostcard_wikiWestern Realm
Welcome to the wild west! Indians, cowboys, a gem-filled mine, target Mini Game and rustic town!