Current Staff Event Prizes

On November 1, 2015, we held our 200th and final Staff Event. Even though we are no longer hosting events, that won’t keep you from being able to play them! Areas all over the Kingdom are home to the many Staff Events and Best Game Events that you’ve come to know and love.

    Here are the rooms and their locations:

  • Fairgrounds Event Center – Located at My Town’s Fairgrounds.
  • Holiday Chateau – Located in the left building at Christmas Corner.
  • Penthouse – Located on the top floor of The Century Hotel.
  • Pixie Glade – Follow the sign in Garden Entrance.
  • Spur City Bank – Located at Stagecoach Junction.
  • Squire’s Turret – Climb the turret stairs in Acantamis Archery Game Lobby.
  • Studio Backlot – Follow the sign on Wood Boulevard in Holly Street Corner.
  • Traveler’s Booth – Board the bus at Corner Crossroads.
  • Treetop Terrace – Follow the sign in Cataloging Tent.

Current Staff Event Prizes by Location:

Fairgrounds Event Center:
Balloon Cart
Cactus Planter
Checklist MVK Shirt
Fairgrounds Shirt
Funnel Cake
Guitar Pick Live And In Concert Pin
Heart – White
Log Cabin Corner
Peacock Bench
Pixie Windmill
Rubber Duck – Party
Toon Mouse Pin
Train Engineer Top – Gloves
Holiday Chateau:
Balloon Arch – MVK
Butterfly – Red
Candy Box Shirt – Tart Hearts
Candy Cane – Green
Christmas Fireplace
Flyer Cap – Brown
Gumdrop – Yellow
Lucky Clover Chair
Nutcracker – Blue
Nutcracker – Orange
Nutcracker – Pink
Pecan Pie
Retro Television
Shield Torchere
Snowman Cap
Toon Deer Pin
Bathroom Sink
Blue Boy Sam Poster
Detective Cap – Green
Detective Pants – Black
Garden Vegetable Crate
Gumdrop – Orange
Kitchen Chair
Midway MVK Pin
Sand Bucket – Purple
Sports Shelves
Tube Track – Down
Tube Track – Junction
Tube Track – Up
Witch Table
Pixie Glade:
Bathroom Counter
Card Top – Heart
Cascading Fountain – Marble
Gargoyle – Kirin
Lion Statue
Pinkie Sadie Poster
Royal Statue – Sadie
Royal Statue – Sam
Simply Play Pin
Tennis Racket Table – Love
Spur City Bank:
Candy Apple Tray
Candy Cannon
Candy Corn Lamp
Carved Pumpkin
Cobweb Street Lamp
Gemstone – Black Diamond
Graveyard Chair
Manor Thing
Party Hat – RWB
Pumpkin Carving
Riddles Candy Box
Shadowy Figure – Lady
Tombstone – Knight
Squire’s Turret:
Beach Ball Chair – Green
Call Box Cap
Curling Stone Lamp
Deed Card – Adventure Pin
Deed Card – Sports Pin
Deed Card – The Movies Pin
Deed Card – Yesteryear Pin
Galactic Crate – Blue
Guitar Pick Paradise Palm Pin
Kitchen Stove
Ladybug Lamp
Pocket Watch Pin
Space Debris Cap
Studio Backlot:
Beanie – Blueberry
Detective Pants – Green
Detective Top – Green
Fashion Poster – Gentleman
Fashion Poster – Signora
Guest Chair – Cyan
Jupiter Mints Candy Box
Purple Stage Pass Pin
Red Stage Pass Pin
Rose Garden Arbor
Spotlight Tower
Traveler’s Booth:
Detective Cap – Black
Firecrackers Pin
Football Helmet Back – Sea
Football Helmet Couch – Sea
H2OTEL Poster
It’s A Race Poster
Lightning Bolt
MVK Blue Pillow Pin
MVK Racing Sponsor Poster
Planet Eldig Pin
Planet Frysta Pin
Planet Miasta Pin
Racing Tire
Stave Church
Traffic Sign – Route
Zulan Lamp
Treetop Terrace:
Camp MaVuKi Shirt
Cascading Fountain – MaVuKi
Chef Apron – Checker
Detective Top – Black
Dinosaur Nest
Dinosaur Topiary
Fashion Poster – Mademoiselle
Fruit Pie
Jungle Hammock
Pine Tree – Small
Pirate Flag
Ship Sail Shirt – Patched
Ship Sail Shirt – Pirate
Ship Sail Shirt – Striped
Spider Hat
Stars and Stripes Flag

Current Staff Event Prizes:

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