MVK Celebrates

July 2011 was MVK Celebrates month in MyVirtualKingdom!

Quick Facts
Staff Events: Independence Hall Event
Campground Cookout Game
Summer Vacation Game
Christmas Song Challenge
Christmas Cookout Game
Treks: Royalty Trek
Totally Tropical Trek
High Seas Trek
Twelve Days of Christmas Trek
Best Room Winner: Khaki – MVK’s Dreams – Reality
Best Game Winner: GGXTech – Let’s Make A Deal
New Features
  • Believe in Your Dreams program begins
  • Nightly fireworks shows begin
  • Town Hall opens
  • Maple Park opens
  • Collin E. joins the Kingdom
  • Your Vote Counts opens
  • Treks are released
  • Token Machines are released
  • Hidden Item Challenge – Hat is issued
Holidays & Celebrated Events
  • July 4th – Independence Day. Freedom opened a room and awarded prizes to all who visited. There was also a Three-Day Sale. See items
Released Items
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