Kingdom Cuisine

August 2012 was Kingdom Cuisine month in MyVirtualKingdom!

Quick Facts
Staff Events: Let’s Fo Fishing Game
Twisters Game
Concession Stand Game
Summer Vacation Game (Retro)
Treks: Kingdom Marathon Trek
Celebrating the Olympics Trek
Let’s Go Shopping Trek
Royal Feast Trek
Kingdom Cuisine Trek
Best Room Winner: MoiMe – MVK City Park Fun
Best Game Winner: Jewel – Up, Up and Away Ride
New Features
  • Order Up – Streamline Diner opens
  • Order Up – Hillcrest DIPs opens
  • Order Up – ION Cuisine opens
  • Order Up – Cactus Cafe opens
  • High Score Mini Game Trophies are retired
  • Mini Game Rewards are released
Holidays & Celebrated Events
  • None
Released Items
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