Futures Past

April 2014 was Futures Past month in MyVirtualKingdom!

Quick Facts
Month Emote: 3D Glasses
Staff Events: Guess Who Game
To The Present! Game
To The Future! Game
To The Past! Game
Predict the Ride Game (Retro)
Treks: Jester Baird’s Trek
Time Traveler Trek
Calling Futures Past Trek
Earth Day Trek
Looking Back Trek
Best Room Winner: Tango – Western Hub – By Tango
Best Ride Winner: Jewel – Star Tours – The Ride
New Features
  • RUS-T’s Hidden Item Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Holidays & Celebrated Events
  • April 1st – April Fool’s Day. Various tricks were played in the Kingdom. See items
  • April 20th – Easter. There was an Easter Egg Odyssey and a One-Day Sale. See items
  • April 22nd – Earth Day. There was an Earth Day Trek.  See items
Released Items