July 2015 was Cinematic month in MyVirtualKingdom!

Quick Facts
Month Emote: 3D Glasses
Staff Events: Christmas Goat Summer Ride
Independence Hall Event
Palace Theater Seating Game
Super Duo Pinball Game
Polar Express Ride (Retro)
The Palace Movie Premiere Event
Treks: W Trek
Super Hero Trek 2
Costuming Trek
Very Christmas Trek
Ultimate Movies Trek
Best Room Winner:
Best Game Winner:
New Features
  • Red Stage opens
  • Mailbox – Red is released
  • Purple Stage opens
  • Mailbox – Purple is released
  • New Token Machine prizes
  • New Cosmio’s Workshop prize
  • A Day In The Life Of Freedom premieres
Holidays & Celebrated Events
  • July 4th – Independence Day. Freedom held an event and awarded prizes to all who played. Players who entered the Kingdom on this day received a prize. See items
Released Items