3x the Fun

November 2013 was 3x the Fun month in MyVirtualKingdom!

Quick Facts
Month Emote: Turkey
Staff Events: Traffic Light Relay Game (Retro)
Halloween Hay Ride
Sleepy Hollow Game (Retro)
Follow the Rainbow Game (Retro)
Race Track Game (Retro)
Treks: 3x the Fun Trek
Route 66 Trek 2
Surfing Lingo Trek 2
Turkey Trot Trek
Best Room Winner: MayLady – My favorite MVK memory
Best Game Winner: Jewel – Elf Training Game
New Features
  • Each day, MVK celebrated a highlight from the past year
Holidays & Celebrated Events
  • November 1st – MyVirtualKingdom’s Anniversary. There was a One-Day Sale. See items
  • November 11th – Veterans’ Day. Players who entered the Kingdom on this day received a prize. See items
  • November 28th – Thanksgiving Day. There was a One-Day Sale and Retro Hidden Item Challenge. See items
Released Items