Last Chance to Enter a Room Contest!

11_15ContestMake those last minute changes, because today is the last day to enter our 60th Best Room Contest. Make sure you have the Best Room marker found in Outfitters, placed in your contest room. To those of you that have entered either of this contest, good luck and thank you for participating!

16-bit Mini Games For You Today

4_15_16BitTrekBe prepared to earn over 3,220 coins in today’s 16-bit Mini Game Trek! In addition to that large sum of coins, you’ll also earn an epic pin for one of the most popular Mini Games in the Kingdom. Stop by Information Central to start this Trek which was modeled after the original 16-bit Trek in our Arcade – Golden Age theme earlier this year. Trust us when we say, you’ll definitely need plenty of coins for Thanksgiving in a few short days!

Poll Results Finale!

Visit Town Hall to vote in the new poll question this week! The results to last week’s poll, “I’ve been playing MVK for..” are:

  • 0% Less than a year
  • 11% 1-2 years
  • 33% 3-4 years
  • 56% 5 years

Where In The World?!

5_13OdysseyThe Where in the World Odyssey is easy to find, just look in Ardor Square! Start it and travel to various rooms in the Kingdom that are located around the globe. Where will this globetrotting Odyssey take you? Start it today to find out!

Buy The Keep Portals Soon!


If you haven’t already requested your Game, Ride and Trade Keep Portals, then we suggest you do so soon. November is the final month that you’ll be able to request these portals, so plan accordingly! Place these portals in your personal trade room, ride entrance or game room to connect them directly to The Keep, allowing visitors to enter and play, ride or browse your items for trade at any time! You don’t lose any of the items in the room by connecting it with this portal and feel free to move the portal to a different game, ride or trade room at any time. Remember, November 29th is your last chance to get access to this amazing feature!

Purple Sale Provides Popular Items

3-15ScandinaviaGuess what? This week’s sale is moving back to the far northern reaches of the World Realm. Visit our ornate stave church store, Globetrotter Souvenirs, to see another monochromatic sale – this time in purple! Why is everything purple themed? Log in today to find out! Popular purple items are popping up all over our Scandinavian store. Purchase them today, for the are only available for one week!

Wishes & Dreams Trek

BelieveInYourDreamsDid you know that items granted through Believe in Your Dreams can be found in rooms throughout the Kingdom? There may be more than you realize! In today’s Wishes & Dreams Trek, you’ll discover just how many dream items are in Kingdom rooms! You’ll travel around MVK looking for dream items, play games, take a Bumper Car for a spin and complete fun steps about these extra-special items. Be sure to have your Bumper Car Ticket in your pocket when you start the Trek in Information Central today!

Who Sent In Their Wish? Results

Visit Town Hall to vote in the new poll question this week! The results to last week’s poll, “Did you send in your Birthday Wish?” are:

  • 52% Yes
  • 48% Not yet
  • 0% No

Make A Wish, Blow Out the Candles!

11_13Balloons211_13BalloonsFor everyone who replied to Sadie and Sam’s Birthday Wish message, when you sign into the Kingdom today, you will have a login message letting you know that the item you requested was added to your inventory. Enjoy, and thank you for celebrating 5 years with us!