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MVK Wiki Has it All!

  Have you ever wondered which pin you’re missing to complete your collection? Which hat is part of your favorite costume? Maybe you would like to know when was the last time a particular item was available and where? Visit the MVK Wiki by clicking on the link on the homepage, and you’ll find nearly […]

Did You Know?

  Did you know that if you have any questions about something in the game such as why we named an item a certain name, you can always ask us? We go to great lengths to add details here in MVK and would love to answer your questions about them. We research names for everything, […]

Did You Know?

  Did you know that you can place ride track and queues inside arches? From the Desert Arch and Rainbow Arch to the Balloon Arch, Tent Arch, and the Pier Welcome Arch, not only can you walk through them, but you can ride and queue through too. Keep this in mind when you are creating […]

  When riding for special items during a theme, it is always best to ride for the limits. The items offered during that time, may not be brought back again. If you do not use the items, they are always good for trading. Players are always looking for items that are no longer for sale […]

  Don’t forget that you can always talk to Staff either through Contact Us or by locating them in game. We are here to help make MVK a pleasant playing experience and help you with any issue that you may have. We truly enjoy our players and we enjoy hearing from them! Drop us a […]

  Have you ever wanted to know something about rooms in the Kingdom, items in the game or had other interesting questions? For example: What does Kavu Para mean? What is the wording on each one of the buildings on the Kingdom Cuisine pins? What is on the Road Map Poster?¬†We fill the Kingdom with […]

  Here’s a MVK Helpful Hint: Did you know that you can turn the game sounds off while playing MVK? This allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without having the arrow sounds of Acantamis or the space collection sounds of Space Debris interrupt your music. You can change this option by going to […]

  Kingdom Guides are those players specifically chosen by Staff to help in aiding new players and Members alike. All Kingdom Guides have an “i” Badge on their lanyard. They also have a special hat given to them to wear. They are quizzed on their knowledge of the rules of MVK, how different activities and […]

  New players enter the Kingdom for the first time with a temporary name during their 7-day trial. Once they purchase a membership, they will be given their requested name (if approved) and any remaining days left on their trial is added to their purchased playing time. Once a member, they have the ability to […]