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Welcome to Club MVK!

Welcome to Club MVK! A new chapter in the Kingdom’s history, Club MVK, has begun and we have many exciting changes and features to tell you about! As mentioned previously, players whose accounts were active and paid for by 11/15/2015, no longer have to pay a monthly membership. The donations we receive through the Donate button on our site help us cover […]

Today is a milestone day in the Kingdom! It is the 30th day of our 61st theme making today “1360 day”! To celebrate, we’re giving each player who participated in the daily activities this month their own Citizen featuring the two outfits that we asked each of you to save! For each daily celebration activity you […]

The last Odyssey of the month is the Adventure Awaits Odyssey. As the name suggests, adventure awaits you as you journey through the Adventure Realm! Don’t forget that a great prize also waits for you at the end of the trail of compasses. Have fun and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! After eating that delicious turkey dinner, hurry into the Kingdom before the “turkey coma” sets in! We have a One-Day Sale in Outfitters for you to enjoy as well as a tasty activity for you to do to win a cool new shirt! Come into the Kingdom to […]

Be prepared to earn over 3,220 coins in today’s 16-bit Mini Game Trek! In addition to that large sum of coins, you’ll also earn an epic pin for one of the most popular Mini Games in the Kingdom. Stop by Information Central to start this Trek which was modeled after the original 16-bit Trek in our […]

Where In The World?!

The Where in the World Odyssey is easy to find, just look in Ardor Square! Start it and travel to various rooms in the Kingdom that are located around the globe. Where will this globetrotting Odyssey take you? Start it today to find out!

Buy The Keep Portals Soon!

If you haven’t already requested your Game, Ride and Trade Keep Portals, then we suggest you do so soon. November is the final month that you’ll be able to request these portals, so plan accordingly! Place these portals in your personal trade room, ride entrance or game room to connect them directly to The Keep, […]

Wishes & Dreams Trek

Did you know that items granted through Believe in Your Dreams can be found in rooms throughout the Kingdom? There may be more than you realize! In today’s Wishes & Dreams Trek, you’ll discover just how many dream items are in Kingdom rooms! You’ll travel around MVK looking for dream items, play games, take a […]

The Mission Reward item has changed to the newest prize – Pinwheel Shirt. It will only be available from November 16th-30th. Put on this shirt and run around the Kingdom to see the pinwheel spin in the breeze! You can earn a Mission Reward very simply! Just complete the daily Mission. The Mission machine is found in Sam’s Tomorrow Realm […]