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The last Odyssey of the month is the Adventure Awaits Odyssey. As the name suggests, adventure awaits you as you journey through the Adventure Realm! Don’t forget that a great prize also waits for you at the end of the trail of compasses. Have fun and enjoy!

Where In The World?!

The Where in the World Odyssey is easy to find, just look in Ardor Square! Start it and travel to various rooms in the Kingdom that are located around the globe. Where will this globetrotting Odyssey take you? Start it today to find out!

If You Love Odysseys…

If you love Odysseys, you’ll love today’s I Heart.. Odysseys! This Ardor Square activity will reward you with an pin you’ll love after finding heart shapes in each Realm of the Kingdom. You’ll have all day to complete this fun activity!

Lace up your running shoes and pin on your race bib because today in the Kingdom is the Marathon Odyssey! Run over to Ardor Square to get started in this Odyssey race of a lifetime. Be sure to have a bottled water on hand to stay hydrated along the Odyssey course! Finish this fun activity […]

Happy Easter from everyone here at MVK! To celebrate, we have a One-Day Sale in Outfitters with a few great items to purchase including a lovely cross pin that captures the true meaning of this holiday. Staff has been busy decorating the Easter eggs for our annual Easter Egg Search. There might be more dye on […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In honor of this special day, the Kingdom is having a One-Day Sale in Outfitters for this year’s Thanksgiving Pin. While you’re here in the Kingdom, visit Ardor Square and try today’s Thanksgiving Odyssey! This is a great way to work off that big Thanksgiving dinner! Today is a day to be especially thankful […]

Dreaming of a cruise vacation in the MVK Gallery, you realize – Oh no! Your suitcase has burst open and items are strewn across the Kingdom. Thankfully, today’s all-day Sunday Odyssey will guide you through the trail of items to pick up! The Suitcase Odyssey is ready to help you get your luggage ready for your cruise! Begin this […]

As today’s Sunday event, there is an all-day Odyssey is going on in the Kingdom! The Pool Odyssey is another fun activity that is part of MVK’s Passport to Discovery theme. Just follow the trail of puddles on this fun and easy-to-do adventure to complete it and earn the prize. Just as before, you can begin this Odyssey in […]

Happy Easter from MVK!

Happy Easter from all of us here at MVK! Today in the Kingdom, we have a One-Day Sale in Outfitters with a couple of great items to purchase and our annual Easter Egg Search for you to enjoy. This year, the egg hunt has a twist – it’s an Odyssey! To begin, double click on […]