As requested, here is a re-cap of the information on this week’s 3x the Fun Trek. It highlighted the most memorable moments and events of the past 37 themes as you traveled through MVK history.

Step back in time to November 2010 and imagine the Kingdom with only 6 Realms, 4 KCs and 2 Mini Games. The Puzzle Contest began and MVK celebrated its first holiday, Thanksgiving.DashesPurpleBlue

December 2010… MVK’s first Christmas! A snow-covered Kingdom was decorated for the holiday. Weekly Friday sales were introduced.DashesPurpleBlue

January 2011 – Royalty. A new Mini Game opened in Sam’s Courtyard Realm – Acantamis Archery. The daily Hidden Item to find was an Archery Target. Weekly awarding of Mini Game High Score Trophies began.DashesPurpleBlue

February 2011 – Totally Tropical. Staff members hid around the Kingdom and awarded Beach Ball Hats to players that found them. First Best Personal Room Contest. Kingdom held its first Super Bowl Party. The daily Hidden Item was a Beach Ball. There was also a Hidden Heart Challenge. Beach Ball Mania Solo & VS Mini Games opened.DashesPurpleBlue

March 2011 – Mega Movie. Three Movie Stages opened this month: Orange, Yellow and Blue. Mailboxes were added to each of the Stages. The daily Hidden Item was a Movie Camera. Beach Ball Mania Team Mini Game opened. Weekly Staff Events began.DashesPurpleBlue

April 2011 – Heading West. The Bonanza Mine expanded underground with six new rooms. First Best Game Contest. Gemstones were hidden around the Kingdom each day to be collected and exchanged at the Gem Trade Up Events. The daily Hidden Item was a Horseshoe. Beta period ended. Number Randomizers, Scorekeepers, Queue Junctions and Queue Gates were released. Jim Stone joined the Kingdom this month.DashesPurpleBlue

May 2011 – Sailing the High Seas. MVK’s first ride opened – The High Seas Adventure. Marina joined the KC family. Better To Give Specialty items debuted. The daily Hidden Item was a Doubloon. The first ride track was released – Pirate.DashesPurpleBlue

June 2011 – Tomorrow Realm. The Tomorrow Realm opened with 13 rooms. Space Debris Mini Game was released. The Outer Space ride opened with three colored lines to ride. The daily Hidden Item was a Star. A new store joined the Kingdom, Outpost Epsilon.DashesPurpleBlue

July 2011 – MVK Celebrates. Maple Park expanded to include Maple Park Entrance, Bandstand Way and Hillcrest. Town Hall opened along with Corner Crossroads, DIPs and Information Central. Treks debuted. Token Machines were released and added to each of the 8 Realms. Weekly Polls began. The Believe in Your Dreams program began. Collin E. and the Gumball Machine joined the Kingdom. Nightly fireworks shows began. Christmas in July week. Independence Day celebrations.DashesPurpleBlue

August 2011 – A Tale of Mystery. Green Stage, Detective’s Office and Scene of the Crime opened. A new Mailbox joined the Kingdom. Missions began, replacing daily Hidden Items. A new Tomorrow Realm room opened – Mission Deck. The Great Mystery was solved by collecting all 15 Clue Pins that were released this month.DashesPurpleBlue

September 2011 – Jungle Jeeps Adventure. The Adventure Realm expanded with the addition of Excursion Outset, Trading Post and the Jungle Jeeps Adventure ride featuring areas from the African savannah, Australian outback, South American rainforest and Southeast Asian mountains. Animal-themed items were added to the Token Machines this month. A Mission Challenge was issued, awarding the East Wing Parlor room for every 10 Missions completed. Jungle Jeeps ride track was released for sale.DashesPurpleBlue

October 2011 – It’s Fall in MVK. MVK was decorated for Halloween. Harvest Lane opened along with Pumpkin Patch, The Graveyard and Manor Porch. The Mindyer Manor Grand Foyer Costume Party was held on Halloween night. First Best Game winning entry was played as the Thursday Staff Events.DashesPurpleBlue

November 2011 – A Year of Fun. MVK’s 1st anniversary. Daily celebration of the past year’s events. Portals are first showcased at the Clover Challenge event. November’s Mission Challenge awarded winter-themed Prize Packs.DashesPurpleBlue

December 2011 – Tis the Season. Snow Lodge and Christmas Corner opened. Sales were held at Yuletide Treasures. The Sledding Hill opened on Saturdays and awarded Sweet Shop Credits that could be exchanged for items at the Sweet Shoppe. Daily Advent Calendar counted down to Christmas. Christmas Wishes were granted. Each Sunday, players enjoyed the Candy Kingdom Staff Event. Better To Give featured holiday gifts.DashesPurpleBlue

January 2012 – The Century’s Early Years. The Yesteryear Realm opened with Century & Company, Time Pieces Mini Game and 20 rooms located across 5 hotel floors themed from 1910s to 1950s. Portals were released for sale. Voting for Best Room began. A new Token Machine joined the Kingdom on the Atlantic Ship Deck. The Outer Space ride closed for refurbishment.DashesPurpleBlue

February 2012 – Let’s Ride. MVK Express opened in My Town along with Miniature My Town. The Kingdom held its 2nd annual Super Bowl party.  The Outer Space ride re-opened with new track routes. Exchange rooms were added to the Outer Space and High Seas rides. Leap Day celebration. Ride track was added to all stores. First Best Ride Contest.DashesPurpleBlue

March 2012 – Spring into March. The Oak Garden Challenge, a room building contest, was featured. Mission Rewards debuted. Showcase items were released. First Best Ride winning entry was played as the Staff Events on Thursdays. Mission and Trek emotes were added.DashesPurpleBlue

April 2012 – Enchanting Times. Sam’s castle expanded with the addition of Library of Pages and The Wizard’s Tower. Anniversary badges were released. A new daily game was added this month – Costmio’s Workshop. The story of Sadie and Sam was revealed in the first Once Upon A Time Trek.DashesPurpleBlue

May 2012 – Going Wild. Each week featured a biome: Grassland, Desert, Forest, Aquatic and Tundra. The KCs gave Wildlife Posters which could be redeemed for animal-themed items. The Mini Golf Staff Event was played on Sundays. Daily Wildlife Post opened and gave prizes. Poll for the Retro Staff Events began.DashesPurpleBlue

June 2012 – H2OTEL. The Yesteryear’s H2OTEL opened with the Exchange Suite and the Lazy River ride. The Tube Slides opened on Saturdays and awarded Exchange Suite credits which could be redeemed for prizes during the week. A daily Hidden Item was featured on the Lazy River as part of the Retro Hidden Item Challenge.DashesPurpleBlue

July 2012 – Mini Game Madness. Kingdom Citizen items were earned by playing the Mini Games each day. The Best Room Contest was themed, Castles. Independence Day celebrations. Christmas in July week. Lost & Found opened. New hairstyles were added to A New Look.DashesPurpleBlue

August 2102 – Kingdom Cuisine. The Fabulous Foods Pin Challenge awarded an outfit to everyone who collected all 15 pins. Four Order Up restaurant games were added this month: Streamline, Hillcrest, ION Cuisine, and Cactus Cafe. High Score Trophies were retired as the Mini Game Reward program began.DashesPurpleBlue

September 2012 – My Town Fair. Players chose a theme, created a room and entered it into the My Town Fair. New emotes were added, including a special monthly emote.DashesPurpleBlue

October 2012 – Mindyer Manor. MVK was decorated for Halloween. Harvest Lane and Pumpkin Patch returned. Two new rooms were opened in Mindyer Manor: Nowhere Hall and the Seance Room. Corn Maze Challenge awarded a Dusty Attic room for every 7 mazes completed. The Mindyer Manor Halloween Party was held on Halloween night.DashesPurpleBlue

November 2012 – Another Year of Fun. MVK’s 2nd anniversary. Daily celebration of the past year’s events. The Pin Lanyard Stand was released.DashesPurpleBlue

December 2012 – It’s Christmas Time. MVK was decorated for Christmas. Snow Lodge and Christmas Corner returned. Daily Advent Calendar counted down to Christmas. Sales were held at Yuletide Treasures. The Black Bear Peak Ski Slopes were open on Saturdays to earn Black Bear Lodge Credits that could be exchanged for items at the Black Bear Lodge. Players enjoyed the Candy Kingdom Staff Event once again. The official MyVirtualKingdom Wiki was announced. Christmas Wishes were granted. Better To Give featured holiday gifts.DashesPurpleBlue

January 2013 – Super Duo. Cinema Square and The Palace Concession Stand opened. The Super Duo Concession Stand room building challenge was featured. The Palace Theater held a grand opening with the Red Carpet Staff Event.DashesPurpleBlue

February 2013 – Game On. The Sports Realm opened with 5 rooms, including: Stadium Vendors, Football Field, Bastketball Court, and Race Track. New blog-style Newsletter debuted. The Kingdom held its 3rd annual Super Bowl Party. A daily game was added to each of the 3 Sports venues.DashesPurpleBlue

March 2013 – The Great Road Trip. MVK’s Route 66 theme. Players built games for The Great Road Trip Staff Event. The Sports Realm’s Baseball Field opened with a new Token Machine. Kingdom night mode began. A concept art area was added to MVK Gallery.DashesPurpleBlue

April 2013 – Jestival. Baird the Jester issued a challenge and winners were granted access to a new room, The Keep. Woodland Clearing opened. Puzzle pieces were earned from Order Up – Streamline. Sadie and Sam’s story continued in the second Once Upon A Time Trek.DashesPurpleBlue

May 2013 – Hunt for the Treasure. The High Seas Adventure ride was refurbished and had a Grand Re-Opening. Odysseys debuted. Pirate Prize Packs were awarded to everyone who completed Odysseys this month.DashesPurpleBlue

June 2013 – H2OTEL – Surf’s Up. The Yesteryear’s H2OTEL returned. A new Lazy River room was added – Spectator Rapids. The Tube Slides and a new ride, Wave Crusher, opened on Saturdays and awarded Exchange Suite Credits which could be redeemed for prizes. Daily Retro Hidden Item Challenge – Surfboard was featured along the Lazy River.DashesPurpleBlue

July 2013 – Camp MaVuKi. The Adventure Realm’s Camp MaVuKi opened. Weekly Camp MaVuKi activities included: Canoeing down the Pandala River, Hiking trails and Zip-lining through the jungle. Independence Day celebrations. New firework style was showcased on July 4th. Christmas in July week.DashesPurpleBlue

August 2013 – Alice’s Dress Shop. The new Shopkeepers gave posters which opened hatboxes in the new Cyan Stage room, Alice’s Dress Shop. New Mini Game Reward prizes debuted. Sadie and Sam held a meet-and-greet at the Once Upon A Time event.DashesPurpleBlue

September 2013 – Sew It, Grow It, Show It. The My Town Fair returned. Players chose a theme, built a room and entered it into the Fair. The Keep’s whiteboard was added to Town Hall.DashesPurpleBlue

October 2013 – Spooktacular Halloween. Halloween decorations covered the Kingdom. Mindyer Manor re-opened with a new room, Master Penn’s Study. Harvest Lane and Pumpkin Patch returned. Corn Maze Challenge awarded a Manor Estate room for every 10 mazes completed. The Mindyer Manor Halloween Party was held on Halloween night. Each Sunday, players enjoyed the Trek-Or-Treat Events.DashesPurpleBlue

November 2013 – 3x the Fun. MVK’s 3rd anniversary. Enjoy this month’s daily celebrations of the past year’s events. Lots of fun is on the way! Celebrate with us as we look forward to many more exciting themes!

We hope you’ve enjoyed playing each of these themes as much as we have enjoyed building them!

See you in the Kingdom!