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Welcome to Club MVK!

Welcome to Club MVK! A new chapter in the Kingdom’s history, Club MVK, has begun and we have many exciting changes and features to tell you about! As mentioned previously, players whose accounts were active and paid for by 11/15/2015, no longer have to pay a monthly membership. The donations we receive through the Donate button on our site help us cover […]

Send In Your Ideas!

When you click on the “Wallpapers” link on our homepage, you see the MyVirtualKingdom version of the well-known board game, LIFE. We are looking to expand the selection of desktop wallpapers for you to download and enjoy, and therefore need your help. With so many options for wallpaper themes, we didn’t know where to even begin! Why not ask […]

37 and Counting!

  As requested, here is a re-cap of the information on this week’s 3x the Fun Trek. It highlighted the most memorable moments and events of the past 37 themes as you traveled through MVK history. Step back in time to November 2010 and imagine the Kingdom with only 6 Realms, 4 KCs and 2 […]

We have changed our MVK Newsletter from the original static page, updated once a week, to a new, more personal Blog format! We now have plenty of room to give you more details, information and pictures every day! We think it is important for you to have an easy way to read the Newsletter daily, […]