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Welcome to Club MVK!

Welcome to Club MVK! A new chapter in the Kingdom’s history, Club MVK, has begun and we have many exciting changes and features to tell you about! As mentioned previously, players whose accounts were active and paid for by 11/15/2015, no longer have to pay a monthly membership. The donations we receive through the Donate button on our site help us cover […]

Race To 2015!

Join STAFF_Bamboo tonight at the Race To 2015 Game! Here’s how to play this fun New Year’s Eve game: Spin all of the color Randomizers at once. When a Randomizer matches its color, ride on that color. If multiple match, you can choose the color to ride on. In the next room, we have our traditional New Year’s […]

50th Puzzle Contest Judged

When you enter the Kingdom today, you will receive a message whether your 50th Puzzle was judged as correct. If your puzzle was correct, you received the milestone 50th Puzzle Award ribbon, a 50th Puzzle Pin and all of the puzzle pieces you placed on the floor become rugs for you to decorate with! If you wish to […]

Staff has selected the winner of 2014’s last Best Ride Contest! Congratulations to Tango, the winner of December’s Best Ride Contest! Tango received these Best Ride prizes: a Best Ride Award Pin, 2014 Best Ride Award Sign and 1500 coins. Tour Tango’s ride as the Staff Event on Thursdays in January. Way to go!

The Kingdom has voted and the count is in! Congratulations goes to Beluga, the winner of the last Best Personal Room Contest for 2014! Beluga received these Best Room prizes: a Best Room Award Pin, 2014 Best Room Award Sign and 1500 coins. All other candidates received a 2014 Honorable Mention Award Pin. Way to go!

2015 Trek

2015 and the new year is only a few days away, making this the last Trek of 2014! In this week’s 2015 Trek, the answer to the questions will either be 2, 0, 1 or 5. Do you think you can figure out which is the correct number for these Kingdom questions? Find out now! Visit Information Central […]

Candy Kingdom Poll Results

Visit Town Hall to vote in the new poll question this week! The results to last week’s poll, “Finish the sentence: Candy Kingdom…” are: 67% Is a tradition 19% Is a fun event 0% Is my favorite event 14% Makes me want candy

My Town’s Black Bear Peak has closed for the season, leaving you with a handful of Credits to turn in at the Sweet Shoppe and Black Bear Lodge. To redeem your Credits for an item, stand in front of it and double click to exchange for it. You have until Wednesday to spend all of your Lodge Credits. Any […]

Congratulations to Silly, whose Believe in Your Dreams item was chosen for this week’s Retro Dream re-release! The latest Believe in Your Dreams item is: “ice skates for shoes” – Silly Staff selected and created this special dream for Silly on December 26, 2011. These skates are available in the Believe in Your Dreams store, so be sure to glide in and […]