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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! After eating that delicious turkey dinner, hurry into the Kingdom before the “turkey coma” sets in! We have a One-Day Sale in Outfitters for you to enjoy as well as a tasty activity for you to do to win a cool new shirt! Come into the Kingdom to […]

New Gifts to Send Friends

Today in Better To Give there are new gifts to send your friends for birthdays, special occasions or just because! These new gifts will be around for a while so take your time and send these new gifts when you need a gift for a friend. What gifts have retired? Here is a list: Hello […]

  Holiday-themed items have been added to Better to Give’s large assortment of gifts. These items are only available for a limited time – December 1st-31st. Each gift was created with friends in mind and you are sure to find just the perfect present for your special friend in this My Town store. You can […]

New Better to Give Gifts

  Today in Better To Give, you will find some new items to send your friends! These gifts replaced some of the older items, now giving you new choices to send. These fun and thoughtful pins, posters, furniture and clothing are the perfect thing to send to your friends for all kinds of occasions. Whether […]