The Basics
When you mouse over the floor or items in a room, an icon indicates whether you can walk to that spot, exit or sit in a chair.
Walking - A green icon means you can walk to this spot. Exiting - A red icon means this spot will exit this room and place you in the connecting room. Sitting - A blue icon with an arrow means your character can sit in that chair. Loading Player - A player's character will sparkle when their clothing items are loading.

Note: If an icon does not appear, you are not able to walk to or sit at that spot.

Entering Rooms - The Game Map is the best way to find your way around the Kingdom, but you can also walk from room to room.

Click the arrow icon in the dashbaord to open the Spin window. Here you can turn your character to face any direction or spin in place.

Arrows - Choose an arrow to make your character face that direction.

Rotate - The middle rotate button spins your character 360 degrees.

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