Trek Basics

Click the "T" icon in the dashboard to open the Trek window. Here you can view the Trek you are currently playing. Treks are journeys that test your knowledge and skill as you travel around MVK completing tasks.

: This icon will only appear in your dashboard if you are currently playing a Trek.

Starting a Trek - To begin playing a Trek, double click on an active Trek Station. Trek Stations are located at Information Central in My Town.

Playing a Trek - Each Trek has tasks for you to accomplish in order to complete the Trek. Tasks may include: playing Mini Games, answering questions, exploring the Kingdom and much more!
Incorrect Task Answer - If you do not correctly complete a task, the Trek will backup two steps. Once you have correctly acomplished those tasks, you will be able to try the task you missed again.
Completing a Trek - Once you have successfully completed the last task of a Trek, you are awarded the prizes from that Trek. Your Player Name and the total amount of time taken to complete the Trek is then added to the winners tab of that Trek.

Trek Challenges - A variety of daily tasks to complete including: Visit KCs, Mission, Trek, attend Staff Events, win Best Room/Ride/Game, play Mini Games and more that usually take 14 days to complete. If you miss a day, don't worry! Each day that you complete the task will count and add up until the challenge is completed.

Once you complete your first challenge, you will earn a Trek Station. Every completed challenge after that will reward you with a different Trek step which you'll be able to use to create your very own Kingdom Treks!

If, for some reason, you feel that you are unable to accomplish the challenge that you've been given, there is an option to skip the current challenge, but it will cost you a sizable amount of coins and you will still have to complete that challenge in the future.

Visit Town Hall to see the Trek Challenges Poster which shows your current challenge, how many days of the challenge you've completed so far, if you have completed the challenge task today and what you'll be rewarded with once the challenge is completed.

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