Trade Basics

The picture below shows where you can chat with the player you are trading items with and discuss offers. Place items into the offer area to an offer. The items you are offering appear on the top while the items the other player is offering appears on the bottom. Once you and the other player are satisfied with the offer, check the accept box. Once both players have accepted, the items will be exchanged. Should either player alter their offer by adding another item or removing an existing one, both sides must re-accept the offer in order to complete the trade.

Sending Trade Requests - To send a trade request, click on the person you want to trade with. Then click on the “Trade” button in their Player Info window. Some players choose to turn their trade requests off in which case their trade button will not be clickable.

Making Trade Offers - Simply add the items you want to trade into the offer area. When trading, try to offer items of equal value to the items you're trading for. Often, you will have to determine the rarity of the items. There are some items that are rarer than others. Whether an item is in demand tends to affect their trade value.
Note: Some items are specifically for boys and can only be exchanged to boys. Likewise, some items are specifically for girls and can only be exchanged to girls.

Trade Limit - There is a limit of 12 items that can be traded at one time.

Making a Trade - Once a trade invitation is accepted, the Trade window will open. Here you can chat with the player you are trading with and discuss or finalize offers. Here, you have access to the items in your inventory, and can place these items into the offer area. Once you and the other player are satisfied with the offers, both of you can choose to accept the trade.

Accepting a Trade - Once both players are satisfied with the offer, check the accept box. Before the trade is completed, a window will show up asking if you want to complete the trade. You will be able to decline the offer if you did not intend to trade. This is your last chance to decline the offer. The exchange is completed when both players have finished the accepting process.

Ending an Trade - If you want to end an trade, it is good etiquette to be courteous and tell the player you want to stop trading. Then click the “Stop Trade” button.

Trade Advice -

  • Ask before you trade. It is good etiquette to ask the player you want to trade with before sending a request.
  • Don't be mean or rude if the player is making an unreasonable offer.
  • Never accept a one-sided trade unless you are willing to give your items away.
  • Be sure you want to make the trade before you accept the offer.
  • Wait until the other player has finished adding their items to the offer area before you accept.

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