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Staff Events

On November 1, 2015, we held our 200th and final Staff Event. Even though we are no longer hosting events, that won't keep you from being able to play them! New areas have opened all over the Kingdom that are home to the many Staff Events and Best Ride/Game Events that you've come to know and love.

    Here is a list of the rooms and their locations:
  • Fairgrounds Event Center - Located at My Town's Fairgrounds.
  • Holiday Chateau - Located in the left building at Christmas Corner.
  • Penthouse - Located on the top floor of The Century Hotel.
  • Pixie Glade - Follow the sign in Garden Entrance.
  • Ride Concourse - Located in the cyan building at Coaster Quay.
  • Spur City Bank - Located at Stagecoach Junction.
  • Squire's Turret - Climb the turret stairs in Acantamis Archery Game Lobby.
  • Studio Backlot - Follow the sign on Wood Boulevard in Holly Street Corner.
  • Traveler's Booth - Board the bus at Corner Crossroads.
  • Treetop Terrace - Follow the sign in Cataloging Tent.
Step into any of the Staff Events that reside in these locations and complete the game or ride to win a prize or coins. To play the event, you'll need 10 Event Ticket posters for the location which are earned through a variety of ways:
  • Event Ticket - Fairgrounds Event Center - Escape the Corn Maze.
  • Event Ticket - Holiday Chateau - Skate at Elements Arena.
  • Event Ticket - Penthouse - Surf H2OTEL's Wave Crusher.
  • Event Ticket - Pixie Glade - Float along H2OTEL's Lazy River.
  • Midway Ticket - Ride Concourse - Midway Token Machine
  • Event Ticket - Spur City Bank - Visit the Pumpkin Patch.
  • Event Ticket - Squire's Turret - Float along H2OTEL's Lazy River.
  • Event Ticket - Studio Backlot - Swim in Aloha Island's Mokulele Lagoon.
  • Event Ticket - Traveler's Booth - Canoe in Camp MaVuKi.
  • Event Ticket - Treetop Terrace - Zip-line in Camp MaVuKi.
- - Some Staff Event games may need to be reset after each play or round. To do this, click ONCE on the Reset Room Poster found in the room.

- - Before deciding to play, you may want to see what prize the event is awarding. Click on the Prize Poster for more information.

- - After completing the game, step into the prize queue and double click on the Prize Gate to award yourself the prize.

Several Staff Events are free to experience and can be found in The Keep and elsewhere. Walk through the doorway of Sadie's Great Hall library to step into the Once Upon A Time Event story or follow the sign in Garden Entrance to explore the Sadie In Wonderland ride for free! Visit Tournament Tent to stroll through the greens of the MVK Mini Golf Courses too!

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