New Players

Temporary Name - You enter the game with a temporary name (ex. Player9905). But don't worry! Upon registering, you entered a name of your choice. Once you purchase a membership, the name you entered will be either approved or denied by Staff. Should your name request be denied, you will be asked to suggest a new name.

Items - Wondering what items you will get on your first day? MVK equips all new players with:

  • 2,000 coins
  • Furniture Pack including 1 Basic Table, 4 Basic Chairs, 4 Basic Rugs, 2 Basic Ferns, and 1 Welcome Poster
  • Clothing Pack including: a purple T-shirt, Jean Shorts, and Wedge Sandals
  • Personal Rooms for you to decorate including: My Courtyard, Autumnal Entry, Book Nook, City Scape, Corner Store, Game Room, Puzzle Gallery, and Race Track

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