Click the "M" icon in the dashboard to open the Mission window. Here you can view the Mission you are currently playing. Missions are searches for a hidden object in the Kingdom. No two Mission are alike!

: This icon will only appear in your dashboard if you are currently playing a Mission.

Starting a Mission - To begin playing a Mission, double click on an active Mission Station. The Mission Station is located at Mission Deck in the Tomorrow Realm.

Exchanging Mission Rewards- Once you have successfully completed a Mission, you are given a Mission Reward. You can exchange Mission Rewards for prizes in Mission Deck. The prize changes at the beginning and middle of each month, giving you fun new items to earn! Check the Balance tab in My Stuff to see how many Mission Rewards you have.

Mission Levels - Each Mission has two levels: Easy and Hard. The Easy Mission has a hint and an image that will help you accomplish it. The Hard Mission does not have a hint or image to help you.
Playing a Mission - Each Hidden Item Mission has a hidden object on the floor for you to find somewhere in the Kingdom. Simply walk the floor in rooms making sure to walk behind objects and layers as the object may not be visible at times. You have 90 minutes to complete a Mission. If you do not complete it in the time allowed, the Mission will end and you will have to start it again. You can win one Hidden Item Mission per day.
Completing a Mission - Once you have successfully completed a Mission, you are awarded the prizes from that level. Check the Prizes tab to see what is awarded for each level.

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