Mini Games

Mini Games are a way to earn coins in MVK. Some are easy, some are hard but all are fun!  Be sure to check the Top Scores to see how you rank against other players.

Court Maze Game - This fun Mini Game, located in Sadie’s Courtyard Realm, is a race against the clock to guide the insect out of the maze. Will you be able to find the way out?
Take Aim Shootin’ Gallery - Located in Sam’s Western Realm, this fast-paced Mini Game tests your skill and accuracy of hitting targets located in four western scenes. Good luck partner!
Acantamis Archery - You'll find Acantamis Archery in Sam's Courtyard Realm. Shoot your arrows at the moving target to advance through the game. This exciting Mini Game is all about timing!
Beach Ball Mania - Come to the Tropical Realm to play this colorful Mini Game. Match the balls to clear as many level as you can before time runs out. This Mini Game can be played alone, against a friend, or on teams against each other!
Space Debris - In this Mini Game, your mission is to team up with players to rid the galaxy of space debris. Found in the Tomorrow Realm, this space adventure is fun, fast-paced, and strategy filled!
Time Pieces - Travel back in time in the Yesteryear Realm with this historic Mini Game as you race around the city running errands for the decade's family!
Triple Crown Races - Race against your friends in this equestrian-themed pinball Mini Game. This Midway Realm Mini Game is one of the best games in the Kingdom!
Upbeat - Play along with the music in this recording studio Mini Game located in the Music Realm. Play alone in the Solo version or with a friend as a duet!
AquaDucks - Collect the correct rubber ducks in this fast-paced Midway Mini Game! Which of the many costume-clad ducks will you collect?

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