With 61 themes released in the Kingdom, there are countless events, thousands of items and much more fun.

Explore 13 exciting Kingdom Realms that change with the seasons, featuring animation, music and sound effects.

Here at MVK, dreams do come true! Items requested through Believe in Your Dreams were selected by Staff and granted weekly.

Let your creativity flourish when decorating your personal rooms with furniture items to create rides, games and rooms.

Compete against other players in 9 exciting Mini Games for high scores and coins.

Participate weekly Odysseys, weekly Treks, daily Missions and watch nightly fireworks shows.

Join in the fun and win prizes at the interactive Staff Events that were held each week.

Customize your character any way you want using the many clothing options and avatar features.

Interact with other players using the filtered chat that’s safe for everyone.

There are many other features of MVK including a color vision deficiency setting and more.

Game Screenshots


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