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Happy Halloween from everyone here at MVK! Today we have a Halloween One-Day Sale in Century and Company that includes this year’s Halloween Pin and a couple of great new holiday items that are simply to-die-for! Even our Kingdom Character friends are getting into the Halloween Spirit by wearing their favorite costumes! The 5th annual Mindyer Manor Halloween […]

Decades Puzzles Judged

When you enter the Kingdom today, you will receive a message whether your Decades Puzzle was judged as correct. If your puzzle was correct, you received the cool Decades Puzzle Award ribbon, a Decades Puzzle Pin and all of the puzzle pieces you placed on the floor become rugs for you to decorate with! If you wish to keep your […]

The Kingdom has voted and the count is in! Congratulations goes to Jewel, the winner of the Best Personal Room Contest for October! Jewel received these Best Room prizes: a Best Room Award Pin, 2015 Best Room Award Sign and 1500 coins. GoofyGiraffe, MermaidMelusina and MayLady received a 2015 Honorable Mention Award Pin. Way to go!

Time Pieces Game Night!

Since its opening in January 2012, Time Pieces has held over 5,046 games! New doors were opened when this team game was created, as we had never before had a Mini Game that randomly chose a theme (decade) for gameplay. We have been planning on “refurbishing” Time Pieces for quite a while and with the new decades […]

The Gallery has been updated to show the future! Here is where you can see a teaser of what is in store for November. Go check out what fun we have planned for the next month in the Kingdom which includes our 5th anniversary! We have been hard at work creating just the right activities, Treks, […]

Looking Back at the 1990s

Rollerblades, flannel, overalls, boy bands, cell phones. What do all of these words have in common? They represent the 1990s! In today’s Looking Back at the 1990s Trek, you’ll re-live the 1990s most iconic events, inventions and trends. Start this Trek in Information Central, then join the Winter family as you explore their decade and earn another great costume piece!

Vote Now for Best Room

It’s time for you to choose the Best Room so stop by Town Hall and cast your vote! Staff has narrowed the field of great entries to four. Which room do you think is the best? You have from today until the 30th to cast your vote. Good luck to everyone!

Visit Town Hall to vote in the new poll question this week! The results to last week’s poll, “How many Pumpkin Patch Tickets have you collected so far?” are: 0% Less than 10 6% 10-15 94% 15+

The Century Elevator Game tonight at 8 p.m. CT will take you to the final decade game at the top of the hotel! STAFF_Chip starts you out as the Century Elevator Operator, spinning the randomizer to light up the floors. If you spin over the amount to reach the top, you must go down that many floors. When you […]