11_15ContestWould you like to help make this month’s 60th Best Room Contest a memorable milestone? If so, just complete this one simple step – enter a room into the contest! We have created 61 different themes over the years and think there are plenty of items and ideas for you to use in making a room! What is your best memory of My Virtual Kingdom? Do you have a favorite theme? Mini Game or Ride? Perhaps certain furniture items or rooms inspire you. Start thinking and create a room for this contest. There isn’t a reason you shouldn’t! Purchase the Best Room Contestant Marker from Outfitters and place it in your decorated room by November 24th. Staff will then select four of the top choices for the Kingdom to vote on in Town Hall during the week of November 25th-29th. The winner will be announced November 30th and will receive the following: a 2015 Best Room Award Sign, a Best Room Award Pin and 1500 coins. They will also receive recognition here in the Newsletter and on the MyVirtualKingdom Facebook. The three Honorable Mention winners will receive Honorable Mention 2015 Pins.

Theme: Your choice!