11_15PuzzleSwirlAfter 61 unique puzzles and puzzle contests over the past 5 years, we announce the end of this monthly Kingdom contest. Puzzle Contests were the very first contest to arrive in the Kingdom, back in November 2010. Over the years, more than 17,000 puzzle pieces have been earned by players through a variety of activities! Most of you faithfully collected or purchased (2010-2013) the pieces to each puzzle, placed it correctly and earned the prizes for the contest. In fact, several players have all 61 puzzles! Congratulations to you and for your dedication to this fun contest!

When you enter the Kingdom today, you will receive a message whether your Fabulous 5 Puzzle was judged as correct. If your puzzle was correct, you received the exclusive Fabulous 5 Puzzle Award ribbon, a Fabulous 5 Puzzle Pin and all of the puzzle pieces you placed on the floor become rugs for you to decorate with! If you wish to keep your puzzle pieces together, the Puzzle Keeper found in Outfitters is a great way to store your puzzles for later and not carry them around in your inventory. Stop by Outfitters and pick up a Puzzle Keeper today!